Statement of Purpose: Our purpose as believers in the lordship of Jesus Christ is to help individual people find wholeness in Christ; to strengthen the foundational areas of life such as marriage, family, and the raising and training of children; and to build one another by developing individual and corporate strengths— in order that we might shine like stars in a dark age.

We Believe In Family
We not only believe in the family as a top priority and the foundation of every society, we have rearranged the way we live in order to make it a reality in our lives. There are many organizations working to build the family these days. However, there are equally as many or more that would like to completely dissolve the concept of the family into a shapeless mess where any group of people, living together in any way they choose, would still command the respect of being called a “family”. The truth remains, nature itself has form and patterns. Children grow healthy where one father and one mother learn to love, build, nurture and protect one another. This is a tough job and it needs continual support and encouragement. The goal of We Believe In Families is to train young parents in the principles that make families fun and exciting. This is our life calling, our mission, and more importantly, our passion. Join with us as We Believe in Families.

We Believe In Marriage
At the time of my wedding I believed in marriage as a good thing, the best way for two people to share life and love one another. However, after many years of struggle, trying to understand and hold on to a marriage that didn't seem to work, I’ve now come to a much deeper appreciation for the principles behind God's design for marriage. Love and sincerity are not enough. Understanding the differences between men and women, differing personalities, and differing love languages needs to be in place. And if we don’t understand God's intention for marriage as a whole we’ll also miss the mark. Learning the principles was painful for me, but later rewarding. We now know how to teach others so that they can avoid the intense pain and years of confusion that we have already experienced. Join with us as We Believe in Marriage, and let’s build marriages that last into the future.

We Believe In Kids
There is no time like the present to begin building kids for God’s Kingdom. This is of vital importance in the present era. Yet at one time, I saw kids as if they were house pets, to be enjoyed on the good days and to be endured on the bad ones. It has been nothing short of God's revelation to come to see kids as the very building blocks -the raw material- for God's intention to build his wonderful Kingdom. Building creative, diligent, and responsible kids is the most important thing we do. Many other groups, and individuals also see the potential wrapped up in children, and some intend to exploit it. This is no laughing matter. Raising good kids is a top priority for us. Training and releasing empowered kids into Kingdom principles is a passion. Join with us to train, release and empower kids to discover their own God-given callings, their abilities, and a passion for Christ. We Believe in Kids.

We Believe In Jesus
'We Believe in Jesus' is more than a happy phrase from a very nice sounding song. It's a way of life for us. Having learned about Jesus as kids, we met him personally as the living savior as young adults. And we continue to both wrestle and receive his grace as we learn to let Him be Lord of more and more areas of our life. It's the lordship of Christ that not only costs us something, it gives us the hope of a future inheritance. Without Lordship, Christ becomes just a nice Christmas story and faith becomes a pleasant feeling that fits any lifestyle. “I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. “ Ephesians 1:18 NIV
We believe Jesus was and is the Son of God, the full expression of the creator God. Yet by choice He became the son of man, human in every area, in order to lead us to repentance, show us true love, die for our selfish sins, and draw us up to the level as sons and daughters of the King of Kings through resurrection. Join with us as We Believe in Jesus.

We Believe In Kingdom Concepts
Christianity now includes a wide variety of people and concepts, not all of which are in agreement with each other or the Bible anymore. While unity in the body of Christ is very important, it can never be reached by forcing conformity. Jesus preached the kingdom of heaven is at hand. And it is this Kingdom and its principles and concepts that are unshakable and lasting. We can build our lives on its foundation. We must explore and test the Word of God to understand Kingdom thinking for ourselves. We should share with others while we still have the freedom to speak out openly. The great majority of people today have only heard the word Christianity as a religion. But they've never heard or seen Kingdom concepts in action. Join with us as we explore and test Kingdom concepts in action. We Believe In Kingdom Concepts.

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