The Challenge
LinksWeBelieveIn........ is a humble attempt to rethink, rebuild and empower - families, marriages, kids, businesses, home life, and especially our relationship with Jesus Christ. We work with local churches of all denominations and individuals from a variety of backgrounds for the purpose of strengthening individual people, whether as children or adults, who in turn will have the ability to be a source of strength and encouragement to others, wherever God uses them. It’s all about multiplication at the foundational level, with Christ as Lord and God our Father as our source.

The Goal is to build the Kingdom of God, in ways that work in today’s post-modern world.

The Challenge is to:
*Learn who we are in Christ. Throughout history those Christians who became like Christ in their character and actions have been effective in touching their generation for the purpose of building God’s Kingdom. See “Who we are in Christ

*Reproduce ourselves by passing on our faith and our abilities to our children and others as God leads. The light of the gospel shines best through people who care and help others in practical ways. Revival happens at home, when we learn to be the light of Christ with passion, and as a way of life. See “The Vision

*Network and connect ourselves with believers across human boundaries, building the Kingdom beyond our individual strengths and abilities. Individual people alone cannot reach this world, and Christian organizations in themselves cannot reach our world for Jesus. Only a combination of people empowered and connected, under the leadership of the Lordship of Christ will accomplish this task. See “Networks

In this next century we dare not fool ourselves into thinking organizations and church denominations alone will do this critical task of building the Kingdom of God for us. Organizations are useful and necessary, but individuals moving by the Spirit of God will not only be more effective, they will respond quicker, understand the needs more accurately, and reproduce their faith in others more effectively. Jesus died for people, not for church organizations. Please see “I’ve been thinking about Big -C and little -c

And as followers of Christ, we must not be deceived into thinking that Christianity is a religion to be practiced in church alone. It is not a philosophy or social group. To be a Christian is to be a disciple of Jesus, it’s a renewed way of life, a renewed way of thinking. It is a completely different world view from that of secular humanism. And real Christianity effects every aspect of our lives. The challenge is to be different like Jesus was different as He lived in this world, and yet, was never controlled by the world.

The challenge is to let Jesus empower us, like electricity empowers a light bulb, and gas empowers a car. The life of Christ needs to flow through us like ink flows through a pen and the life of the vine flows through the branches. Then, and only then, are we in a position to move into every area of society, whether business, education, government and/or home life and bring Christ in us to others in a world that has lost sight of eternal truth. See “The Seven Mind Molders

The challenge is to reflect Christ, who lives in us, into every influential stronghold of society, bar none, without fear, without shame, and without a trace of the worldly greed and pride and immorality that has become so common in our society today. Christ will build His Church. The only question for us is, will we be apart of it?

It’s my hearts desire that will be a springboard for ideas and connections throughout the body of Christ. I am looking forward to hearing from you.