The Seven Mind Molders
LinksI first heard the phrase the Seven Mind Molders, while in a training school with Youth With A Mission and I grabbed onto the concept immediately as being vital to all missionary and Christian outreach. Being a new Christian myself, I thought all Christians already understood the power and influence of the Seven Mind Molders.

But 20 years later, I find that the whole idea of seven areas of life that not only train young minds, but control the destiny and future our nations, is largely ignored by most Christians. Amazingly, many Christians don't know or believe that we should get involved in these seven areas that effect our lives. If we don't do it,who will?

Your kids are being influenced by the Seven Mind Molders. They are:
Business, and
the Arts and Entertainment.

These Seven Mind Molders train our minds. They dictate and influence the way we think. Ultimately they control the way the majority of people will live, because their influence is inescapable.

This is not always a bad thing. The Seven Mind Molders mold minds. If godly, moral, and loving people are working and caring in the seven areas of life, the values and character of those good people will be passed on. However, there is a basic nature in all mankind, to be selfish, self-centered, or have the “get- mine -first” way of thinking that can cause the Seven Mind Molders to become the carriers of very destructive values. And Christ came to redeem from destructive values and thinking.

Step one: The starting point is always myself. Christ, and a new way of thinking, have to come into my life. I can only influence people by who I am. I need to be changed in Christ. I need to learn to think like Christ.

Step two: I naturally am involved in several of the Seven Mind Molders right now. Almost everyone is involved at home, and at some kind of work, or school. So I begin to allow Christ to bring a new way of thinking through me in the areas where I’m already working and living. In Christ, I live differently, I work differently, I teach differently, I’m entertained differently. I use my money differently. It is not what I say that influences others but how I live as I am involved with the Seven Mind Molders that will make the difference. It is important to be aware of the goal. We want to influence the world for good.

Step three: Since the goal is to bring Christ into all Seven Mind Molders, I need to share with others, not only Christ but how to think differently than this world. In other words, my goal is to see that there are people who follow Christ and think like Jesus in each of the seven areas. If I can't go -I can pray. Or I can pay and support those in other areas. I can encourage. My life and the life of my kids, and grandkids depends on getting Christ into ALL of the Seven Mind Molders. We must not give away the entertainment world, the media, the government of our nations into the hands and control of godless men and women just because it looks too hard for us alone.

Step four: Lastly, we must learn to network. Most people have probably heard of the word “synergy”. It simply means that several people working together can accomplish more than the same people doing their same work alone will be able to. Our efforts are multiplied when we help each other. So, a mom raising kids can encourage those kids to get involved, for example in starting a Christian band. And Christian bands can help kids grow up to be godly, and become honest citizens and future educators of the next generation. And educators can help teach about government and become supportive of someone in government, who might come and teach students in return.

I’ll scratch your back, and you scratch mine, or someone else's, and keep the cycle going. Better yet, let's expect Jesus to connect us in strings of networks where we each help a few people, and we receive help from a few people as well.

It starts by giving. God is big enough to meet our needs and see that eventually someone, somewhere will return the favor to us. Faith in God and trust in one another are the critical factors.

If we're trying to just hang on, protect our own, defend our rights, build our kingdoms... we may get what we want now, but ultimately we lose in the big picture - we lose the next generation.

The Kingdom of God is incredibly huge. It is a network of believers in all countries, all races, all languages, all walks of life, and throughout all ages....

And we have the marvelous opportunity to make the difference in our world. Be different, think different - Mold minds for Christ.

©2002 Warren Okerman