The Vision
Links The vision of WeBelieveIn.. is to be an encouragement and a networking connection for people like ourselves who want to build the family, marriage, and kids for the purpose of building the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Imagine for a moment a lonely school playground, where a small boy of ten scratches around the tire swings, turning up stones with the toe of his shoe. No one else is there
to play or talk with him, but he doesn't mind. Because he'd rather have the company of his own loneliness than be picked-on, or made fun of, by the bigger kids that never seem to leave him alone.

The little boy - we’ll call him Billy - is different from the others, or at least he sees himself as being different.

How is he different? Does it matter?

Maybe he's too small, maybe he’s too tall. Maybe he has buck teeth, or red hair, or thick glasses. Maybe he's extremely gifted, or maybe he's slow. Maybe he has a sensitive spirit, or maybe... maybe........ (there's so many kinds of different)........ but maybe he's different just because Billy wants to follow Jesus. And that is not too popular at almost any school when you are only ten.

The world has a system, a way of thinking, and it always tries to make everyone conform. “Boys should be tough, or girls should be pretty.” “Men should be successful, or women should be......” , well you know.

Every group and culture has a set of standards to strive for and if you don't march to the drummer, you are different. And being different can mean torment. But it doesn't have to. Being different can be “cool” if someone special is encouraging those young boys and girls to be who God made them to be.

Jesus was different. All of his disciples became different, because the person of Jesus was worth more to them than the approval of the mainstream around them. It’s fairly simple really. Anyone who follows Christ will eventually become different, if they become like Christ. If they really know Jesus.

But Christians today don’t want to be different. It must be because they don’t really know Jesus. Or they don’t know any one else who has become like Jesus. It only takes one other person and Christ to multiply the Christian faith. Those of us who know Jesus can help by introducing someone else to Him, and then stay with that person as an encouragement and point of contact until they become empowered and connected into the Kingdom in other areas where they can grow. See "Multilevel Marketing"

The vision of We Believe not new, Jesus loved and encouraged people who learned to see themselves as new creations in Christ. Fishermen became ambassadors. The rejected found dignity. The poor gained the inheritance of kings. And young people, like Billy, become “somebody special” in a Kingdom that lasts forever. And that is worth living for.

We Believe a connection point for people who are willing to rethink the basic issues we face as Christians wanting to reach our world with the message of Christ. The strategy is simple and focused. The priority is always on building the individual person first, then marriages, families, children and organizations, churches and programs that also change the world for good. The order of priority is very important here. If we plant churches, but lose our kids, we lose in the Kingdom overall. We can never train others to be what we are not. We must reproduce who we are. So, let’s grow in Christ and train our kids first, and together live for Christ and win. We will win!

We want our families, our marriages, the behavior of our kids to be different from what we see in the world. We want differnt results in education, as well as in our businesses and communities, even in the entertainment we watch. So,we have to use different methods and rethink our priorities to achieve our goals. Most importantly, the little Billy in your world needs the love and freedom of Christ, not the crushing weight of the world. If we can bring that love and freedom to him or her, we can change a boy or girl who would otherwise conform to the world’s drumbeat, into an empowered ambassador for Christ. We have the potential to build young people who will create the new ideas that we will need in our future.

Loving, encouraging, and training is our future.

You can be part of us, and we hope we can be an encouragement to you. It's not so much what we say, but how we live our lives that will matter in the end.

The Kingdom of God is a network. And a network is not a single organization. It is not a democracy or a popularity poll. A network works through connections and relationships.

Relationships require trust. Trust demands honest, responsible living. And that's where people who learn to be different, by following Jesus, and building up their own individual gifts and abilities for the good of others will excel. We want to help you do exactly that. Contact us.

WeBelieveIn...... Is just one knot in the worldwide network building the Kingdom of Christ. Individual people who learn to depend on Christ and voluntarily connect and help each other is the heart of our strategy. The Kingdom of God is a network - and it's all about building up people.

WeBelieveIn....... Is here to encourage people. We are here to help you, if we can. We hope to challenge some, equip others, encourage many and strengthen and guide those God leads to us. And we also need to receive help and training and resources and encouragement from other people as well, as the Lord directs. Ultimately, He is the source.

It’s people that build families, raise children, start churches, create businesses, open schools, run hospitals, train others, help rescue operations, give in Bible distribution, develop teaching materials, hold love feasts, volunteer at old people's homes, make movies, write books, perform dramas, create music, build friendships, strengthen marriages, build communities, lead governments............. and the list goes on. Kingdom life is fascinating and full of interesting people.

We Believe about building people connected in Christ.